Is a or .com domain best for your business website?

What is better – a domain or a .com domain? It’s all a matter of who your customers are and where they are located.

If you’re a business in Australia, with an Australian target market, stick with wherever possible as you’ll benefit from more visibility on searches within Australia. 

Conversely, go with .com if you’re selling internationally – particularly to the American market. 

In addition to and .com, however, there are many domain extensions available.

These include:

  • The new Australian domain .au
  • Other country code domain extensions such as and for Australia or, or for New Zealand
  • Other global domain extensions like .co, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .tv and various others
  • Restricted-use or closed domains available only to educational institutions or government entities such as and in Australia or .edu and .gov in America
  • Generic or industry-relevant domain extensions like .accountant, .boutique, .cafe etc, which are fairly new in comparison, aren’t trusted as much by search engines and therefore typically find a harder time ranking organically